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Franchise Application

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries

Thank you for considering Cauldron Ice Cream for your next business venture! We are excited to expand our business and have others play a significant role in our growing company. As with most businesses, Cauldron Ice Cream started from humble beginnings. We were a small shop in Orange County with big dreams. We wanted to make ice cream so unique and delicious that customers would no longer settle for the plain hard packed stuff. We wanted Cauldron Ice Cream to change the standard of America's favorite dessert.

Since opening in May 2015, Cauldron Ice Cream has gained worldwide attention from places such as New York, Hong Kong, Australia, France, Germany, and China just to name a few. Our partnerships have grown to meet the demand of our ice cream and world famous Puffle Cone. People across the globe have been asking us to make our products available to them and we are actively taking the steps to achieve that goal. 

We are grateful for the potential you see in Cauldron Ice Cream. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries. We hope to join you in growing our businesses together. 


Terence Lioe & Desiree Le

Founders|Cauldron Ice Cream

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